Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Martabak Manis


he typical cake from Bangka this, possibly has become one of our favourites. Now please for personally come on

The source:

250 gram wheat flour
375 cc coconut milk, heated for a moment
150 gram granulated sugar
2 items of the egg
1 teaspoon gist/instant yeast
1/4 the teaspoon of baking soda
50 gram peanuts, sangrai, analysed, minced
50 gram the seed wijen, sangrai
15 gram granulated sugar
50 gram chocolate/meisjes 50 cc sweet condensed milk

Cooking instructions:
1. Put yeast into warm coconut milk, stirred until protracted and foaming, eliminated.
2. It was mixed that wheat flour and sugar, for the hole in the middle, then filled with the egg.
3. Stirred while pour into the solution to coconut milk until level and sugar mixed
4. Put baking soda, stirred came back, let around 15 minutes in the warm place.
5. Heat the wok, spread with margarine.
6. Pour batter, was waiting until rose.
7. Before his surface dried up scattered with some peanuts, wijen, granulated sugar, chocolate/meisjes, and sweet condensed milk.
8. The fold became 2, adopted.
9. Served warm


vsint said...

martabak is my favorite food,, martabak delicious,,, I really like martabak